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Just a little addition as I haven’t blogged for a long while. Been having lots of success with phobias recently. A man who was trapped in a blanket box at the end of his bed whilst playing hide and seek as a young boy, has totally recovered from his fear of confined spaces, particularly lifts since working with me. He had let the lid go down completely and it wouldn’t open again. Even when shouting to his mum in anguish, she couldn’t hear because she was hoovering and he was imprisoned in the box for hours, believing he would die. Obviously this has led to an extreme fear of being trapped in closed in spaces. We used a fast rewind technique to reframe the original trigger and then he remembered how he’d played this game many times before with his brother and had always been able to get out due to placing his fingers just under the lid and not allowing it to close properly. This new realisation changed his perception a great deal. He was able to view the space as far larger when re-imagining the scenario and was able to allow himself to breathe deeply and easily by anchoring previous relaxation techniques. So much so he told me he was enjoying the feel of the soft fleecy blankets! Since then he has been up and down in lifts dozens of times at his conferences where previously he was only ever able to take the stairs! He’s also just got back from his holiday to Spain where he flew in a plane without the usual need for alcohol to allay the anxiety. Great results I’d say, really pleased for him.

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