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 This article for those affected by anxiety/depression. It is basically using a form of self hypnosis and I have witnessed countless times how visualising oneself in a more positive situation actually changes the present.

Your subconscious is the far faster and more powerful part of your brain. So powerful that it can heal you if only you choose to listen and speak its own language. But it doesn’t speak English. It speaks through our intuition (emotions, pictures). And it doesn’t understand English. Again, it understands emotions and vivid images.

If you intentionally project a different reality to it through visualizing things differently, it quickly starts believing you and seeking proof for those new beliefs.

Here’s how to make the visualizations:

1. Visualize your life with no sign of depression. Down to the last detail – what kinds of things you do, with whom you do them, how you look, where you hang out, how you feel, how you’re dressed, what new thoughts you think, how much energy you have.

2. Engage all your 5 senses. Imagine what the air feels like on your skin, what your favorite person smells like, what that delicious desert you’re eating tastes like, what that great song you’re listening to sounds like. Remember – you need to persuade yourself this is reality, if only for a while.

3. Do it in the present tense. Ignore this only being in your head and visualize all this happening now, in front of you, feeling awesome. It feels stupid at first, but I’m telling you – if this made me believe I could sleep and eat again, it can make YOU recover too.

4. Be patient. At first you might not do it well, so it might not work right away. But learning how to control your brain will change your life forever. Give it some time and patience. In my case 2 weeks were enough to get me back on my feet, feeling better than ever (not joking – Better. Than. Ever.) In your case it might be a little more, but it’s worth every second invested in it.

5. Feel free to dream. There are no boundaries here. Visualize your life normal again, filled with positive people, adventures, great friends and lots of love. Anything that makes your subconscious feel better, so it starts releasing the happiness hormones again.

6. Write it down! Writing makes visualizations slower, which in its own turn makes them more mindful. The first time I felt the change happening in my brain, I wrote it down. For the first week, I wrote it down every day, then I started updating it once a week and kept that habit for months.

7. Do it twice a day. Trying to trick your brain is tricky itself. First, it needs repetition and devotion. Don’t skip and if you accidentally do, NEVER skip twice (until you’ve recovered). Also, do it when you wake up and before you go to bed.That’s when you’re sleepy because your logic’s resistance is weaker then and your subconscious is more open to “inception”.

8. If you can’t visualize, try this: Pick a small object at home, hold it in your hand and study it from all sides for a minute. Then close your eyes and try to visualize every detail of it. Repeast 2-3 times every day, change objects if you want. This will make you better at visualizing.

You need help and support. Depression is an awful enemy. Find a depression partner or a mentor to walk with you, step-by-step until you can “walk” by yourself. Someone who understands what you’re going through (any experience with depression is a great benefit) and will have your back no matter what. Try doing the visualizations together. This is great to do on it’s own but also a helpful exercise to accompany hypnosis with a trained Hypnotherapist who can use several other techniques at a far deeper level to help you on the journey back towards happiness.