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Hi you lovely lot! In my other role as a Wedding Celebrant ( I come into contact with many a nervous bride or groom. Some grooms get enormously anxious about doing their Wedding speech, both the bride and groom can become terrified over the prospect of forgetting their vows or becoming tongue tied and sometimes it’s just a case of being overwhelmed with the whole occasion and being the centre of attention! Just recently, I did a couple of sessions with a groom who needed a bit of help overcoming his reluctance to make a speech at his wedding. We did some breath work and I taught him some self calming techniques as well as reframing the experience by going back to an earlier event where he was accepting an impromptu achievement award. I replayed the event, anchoring the calm, confidence he had felt at that time, then built it into a future visualisation of himself, delivering his speech to all his friends and family, focussing heavily on the love and goodwill that would be surrounding him. We did this a few times and on the day he was calm and totally in control during the ceremony and after the meal, he delivered his speech with professional aplomb. He even told me afterwards that he had enjoyed it! 22852248_10213952527702690_7361070961805000108_n

If you have a wedding coming up that you are feeling nervous about   and would like to give yourself the opportunity to enjoy your big day, I would urge you to try hypnotherapy. You won’t regret it. Call 07528637825