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Lockdown has been a long and, for some, a pretty demoralising time. I have had several enquiries over recent days from people wondering about whether appointments can now be made. I’m posting today to let clients know I am reopening for business as from Monday 13th July. The government guidelines for working safely during coronavirus have been read thoroughly and are attached here for your perusal.

Many parts are non applicable but I wish to reassure clients that everything possible that can be done to ensure your safety will be carried out and here are the changes I am proposing to make:

  1. A risk assessment form to assess current health will be sent to each client via email and will need to be filled in before each session. Any symptoms present will mean cancellation/postponement of the appointment for  a minimum of 7 days (14 days if contact has been made with another person presenting with symptoms.) I will inform clients of any symptoms I become aware of regarding my own health, giving as much notice as I can. Payments will be made the day before the appointment to avoid complications but can be reimbursed if necessary.
  2. A list of clients contact details will be kept for contact and trace purposes.
  3.  As I work from home, even though social distancing has been reduced by the government to 1m, I will still keep to 2m within my premises when working with clients.  I live alone ( so thereby reducing contact with others)
  4. The hypnotherapy recliner chair used will be cleaned/sanitised between each use, as will door handles.
  5. Hand sanitizer will be provided for those clients wishing to use it after the session.
  6. Clients will be advised to use their own toilet before attending appointments to reduce cross contamination (however anyone “caught short” may be permitted to use mine at their own risk)
  7.  In the event of a local lockdown being imposed at short notice, all appointments will be rescheduled and payments, if applicable, reimbursed.

For any measures that have been overlooked, I will be regularly updating this page.  Please contact me regarding any concerns you may have on 07528637825 or email

Many thanks for your patience during this difficult time and I hope to see you soon.

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