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A different way to view Stress

Stress is my friend!

Often, when the pressures of life are building up and we are rushing around trying to keep on top of it all we can become exhausted and our bodies start to release stress hormones which keep our bodies on high alert. Sometimes this creates sensations in our bodies which can feel uncomfortable and frightening, for example, our hearts begin to pound and we can find ourselves short of breath! Although this feels alarming it is actually a clever function in our bodies designed to help us meet a challenge! Instead of interpreting these sensations within as our body preparing to ‘freak out!’ and cause us damage we should be viewing them as our body becoming more energised!

These stress hormones are helpful to you,  your pounding heart is preparing you for action, as you breathe faster, more oxygen gets to your brain. Another  hormone which is released when stressed is Oxytocin, often known as the cuddle hormone, as it is released when you hug! It invests your brain with social instincts and makes you reach out more to others, crave physical contact and strengthens relationships by giving you more empathy and compassion. Therefore, in a way, it is urging you to seek support by telling someone when life is hard. Your body wants you to be surrounded by those that care! It also protects your cardiovascular system from the effects of stress, helping heart cells to regenerate and heal quickly from stress damage.

So the message here is: don’t fear stress, see it as your friend! Respond to your instincts by reaching out for help or even connect to others through helping them. There is evidence a plenty to demonstrate that the bodies of those people who spent large portions of their time helping others showed no harmful effects of stress compared to those who didn’t. When you see your stress responses as helpful, it transforms fear into courage!

Stay happy and healthy!


Will Hypnotherapy work for me?

This is a question that gets asked a lot! And I understand why, for no-one wants to waste their time or money but unfortunately this isn’t a question that can be answered with a simple yes or a no. Hypnotherapy may be quite a big investment for you in terms of time, money and effort so it’s natural to want guarantees that it will work.

Most people can be hypnotized although some can take longer than others to relax and use hypnosis effectively. There are a small group of people who may not respond to hypnosis due to their inability to perceive context and implication. Hypnosis is simply an engaging and deepening of the brain’s natural ability to focus and imagine. And in this relaxed ‘altered’ state of mind, the critical conscious mind can be bypassed to access your subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy can be very effective, if indeed life changing in certain cases. However, whether its counselling, coaching, psychotherapy or hypnotherapy, a therapist cannot guarantee a 100% success rate in every case, if they could, no-one would bother to learn, provide or use anything else.

I have a varied set of techniques that can be altered, personalised and adapted to each individual but there are no 2 clients the same. To be 100% sure of a technique being effective, each client would have to have the same type of anxiety or the same issues with weight loss etc. They would all have to have had the same experiences and upbringing, the same motivations in life. For this reason a technique used in hypnosis might work brilliantly for one person but not so well for another. For every different situation there will be a different solution and sometimes this can be found straight away and sometimes it’s not so easy. It has to be applied in a unique way for each individual.

Having said all this I can guarantee you that if you came to see me I would give you 100% of my time and commitment, you would be listened to attentively, treated with respect and only given the number of sessions you really need. Your privacy would be paramount and I would do everything I possibly could to help you achieve what you would like to achieve. In most cases if someone is determined to change and has the motivation and resolve to do so, then the process of hypnotherapy is generally successful!

Please call or email if you would like to come for a consultation with me regarding something you may like to change. I am approachable and ready to help. Call me on 07528637825 or email