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Anger, Angry, Bad, Burn, Dangerous       I have learned many skills along the path of my life to help me stay calm and  centred     but every now and again something surfaces that throws any semblance of balance right out of the window. I think when certain sensitive spots are hit, we regress back to early childhood and a tantrum erupts. Sometimes anxiety can create tension leading to anger. Not only does this often wreak havoc in our personal lives it can often have quite dramatic consequences in our professional lives. We often regret things we’ve said and done in a heated exchange and then spend considerable time beating ourselves up for it. Feelings of guilt lower our self esteem and before we know it we are in a downward spiral whereby everything irritates us. We try to suppress the irritation so as not to upset anyone but the energy needed to keep it pushed down and out of site just leads to more and more irritation and frustration. Before you know it, boom! off you go again!

“Anger is a sign that something needs to change” – Mark Epstein

What is anger? where does it come from? and why does it have the ability to boil our blood so much! A face of the ego, anger can come knocking for a variety of reasons. Anger is a sign that you aren’t satisfied with your current situation, whether it be emotionally or psychologically. To be plain, your basic needs are not being met and your ego “I” is letting you know loud and clear that you need to serve yourself a little better. When you realise you are becoming annoyed with a person, take a little time out.   Go and make a cup of tea or have a moment to yourself.  While you are doing that, think what you would like them to do, or not do in order to help the situation.  Nearly always, instead of anger, you will find that there is a request you can make. Make the request in a reasonable manner and most times people will oblige. Be specific, use a neutral tone and keep it brief. Often some small step towards a positive change will make you feel lighter inside and diffuse some of that anger. Trying to tackle a big issue in one go or just going on a rant generally just escalates the problem and changes nothing. Of course more serious issues would probably require outside intervention but for small, everyday irritations that build up, using the above strategies could begin to turn things around. For more help and advice follow the link below,Good luck!