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We all feel fed up, miserable or sad at times. These feelings don’t usually last longer than a week or two, and they don’t interfere too much with our lives. Sometimes there’s a reason, sometimes not. We usually cope – we may talk to a friend but don’t otherwise need any help.

However, in depression:

  • your feelings don’t lift after a few days – they carry on for weeks or months
  • are so bad that they interfere with your life.

What does it feel like?

Most people with depression will not have all the symptoms listed below, but most will have at least five or six.

Do you:

  • Feel unhappy most of the time (but may feel a little better in the evenings)
  • Lose interest in life and can’t enjoy anything
  • Find it harder to make decisions
  • Can’t cope with things that you used to
  • Feel utterly tired
  • Feel restless and agitated
  • Lose appetite and weight (some people find they do the reverse and put on weight)
  • Take 1-2 hours to get off to sleep, and then wake up earlier than usual
  • Lose interest in sex
  • Lose your self-confidence
  • Feel useless, inadequate and hopeless
  • Avoid other people
  • Feel irritable
  • Feel worse at a particular time each day, usually in the morning
  • Think of suicide.


You may not realise how depressed you are for a while, especially if it has come on gradually. You try to struggle on and may even start to blame yourself for being lazy or lacking willpower. It sometimes takes a friend or a partner to persuade you that there really is a problem which can be helped.

You may start to notice pains, constant headaches or sleeplessness. Physical symptoms like this can be the first sign of depression.

Why does it happen?

As with our everyday feelings of low mood, there will sometimes be an obvious reason for becoming depressed, sometimes not. It can be a disappointment, a frustration, or that you have lost something – or someone – important to you. There is often more than one reason, and these will be different for different people.

What can hypnotherapy do to help?

– Hypnotherapy (combined with CBT techniques) is now widely accepted as being very effective at treating depression.

– Not only can it boost the way we think of ourselves, but it can also address the causes of depression in the first place, allowing a more complete solution to be found.

– Anti-depressants can be very effective at stabilising mood (and are recommended for the major depressive disorders) but they do not address the source of the depression. For some, the anti-depressants help to lift their mood and motivation enough to leave their troubles behind them, but sadly for most this is not the case and depression is something that will recur throughout their lives.

A Complete Solution
– The hypnotherapy treatment classically combines addressing the sources of the depression, breaking negative thought cycles, regaining a sense of control and rebuilding self-worth and self-belief.

– Hypnotherapy can also be very useful for inducing relaxation, reducing distraction, maximising concentration, encouraging new thinking, amplifying experiences, and providing access to subconscious thought processes.

Symbolic Imagery in trance
These techniques are generally excellent for handling past emotional experiences, and reducing feelings of guilt, anger, blame, loss, fears, anxieties, etc.

Hypnotic regression
This is usually an excellent and very relaxed way to safely revisit traumatic or disturbing events that may lie at the heart of your troubles. With relaxed, closer attention (in trance), new insights and better perspectives may reveal themselves, that allow you to deal more thoroughly with what has happened and enable you to move on positively.

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