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EFT Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT- The basic recipe

Eft is a technique i frequently use alongside hypnosis in my work. The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.”EFT-diagram-energy-eft

It follows, then, that energy disruptions are the reason we have any kind of emotional issue like grief, anxiety, weight gain, anger, guilt, depression, trauma, and fear. Since both physical and performance issues often have emotional roots, it also follows that clearing energy disruptions can be useful for those as well. Once we find those energy disruptions, we use the tapping process to correct them. The EFT Tapping Basic Recipe blends focused wording with a 9 point Tapping sequence.

1. Identify the issue.

2. Test the intensity

Using a scale of 0-10 where 10 is the worst the issue can be and 0 no problem.

3. The set up

The Setup is a process we use to start each round of Tapping. By designing a simple phrase and saying it while continuously Tapping the KC point, you let your system know what you’re trying to address.

When designing this phrase there are two goals to achieve:

1)  acknowledge the problem
2)  accept yourself in spite of it

We do this by saying:

“Even though I have this _______________, I deeply and completely accept myself”.

The blank above represents the problem you want to address, so you can just insert things like:

This sore shoulder:
“Even though I have this anxiety about …., I deeply and completely accept myself.”

This fear of spiders:
“Even though I have this fear of spiders, I deeply and completely accept myself

4. Sequence

You then tap through all the points shown in the picture repeating phrases linked to your issue until the feeling reduces.

More in depth information and guidance will be given in an appointment with me but this is a starting point!