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Sessions and Prices

At present, consultations with me here at Abbey Hypnotherapy NLP and Reiki are available on Monday,Wednesday and Friday until 6pm. Occasionally I may be able to do a later appointment if needed. I am based in Sheffield, S8 please don’t hesitate to get in touch


I am offering a DISCOUNT of 10% on the initial assessment and 1st hypnosis session between now and Easter Sunday 1st April 2018

How many Hypnotherapy sessions will I need?

It is difficult to say how many sessions you might need. Please be aware that the apparent problem may stem from some other deeply rooted issue that is buried in the unconscious and may require time and patience to reveal itself.

The number of sessions will depend on how you feel, the challenge you are trying to resolve, the positive expectation you bring to each session and the progress we make together.

The average number of sessions is around 3-6 including the initial assessment. If you decide to contact me we can talk for around 10 minutes or so on the phone in order to get a sense of each other and decide whether to make our first appointment.

How much are the sessions?

The first session, known as an initial assessment, lasts about an hour to an hour and a half, and is where you can tell me in detail about the challenges and issues you would like to resolve. Subsequent sessions are 1 hour long.

Each session is £60. This is the same for the initial assessment.

Smoking Cessation is £160 for two 1.5 hr sessions including the cost of the initial assessment.

If you have a deep rooted issue which will need several sessions I offer a discount of 10% off after the first 6.

I am offering ‘taster sessions’ for relaxation and confidence for £15.

Please note that I need 48hrs notice if you wish to cancel or there will be an extra charge.

Obviously allowances can be made for unavoidable circumstances. Many thanks for your consideration in this matter.