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As long as you possess the desire to quit, then this stop smoking hypnotherapy programme will enable you to become a non-smoker once again! Sessions £60 each. Call Rebecca on  01142 747484 or  07528637825

Once upon a time you were also a healthy non-smoker who could engage in any activity, any situation, without even the slightest thought about cigarettes. For the majority of smokers, smoking starts at a young age through a conscious decision and before long it becomes an addictive habit. Like any habit, it is hard to break by willpower alone because this has become who you are. You begin to rely on cigarettes in certain situations, and associate smoking with certain activities. Once this process has begun, the choice to smoke is no longer within your conscious control, so when you decide to give up it is extremely difficult. Non-smokers do not think about or desire cigarettes because it is not in their mind set. The aim is simply to reprogram that subconscious part of you back to the non-smoker you used to be.

What does hypnosis do ?

Hypnosis is a very enjoyable, relaxed state in which the subconscious mind is heightened and more receptive to suggestion. However, you will be completely in control and aware at all times. It is a myth that someone can take over another person’s mind. You cannot be made to do or say anything against your will; therefore if you are not completely committed to becoming a permanent non-smoker then this stop smoking hypnotherapy programme will not work. But once you have made that decision, the treatment can simply re-align your subconscious desires with your conscious ones.

This stop smoking hypnotherapy treatment works irrespective of how many cigarettes/cigars you smoke or for how long you have smoked. Provided you want to stop smoking completely, hypnotherapy offers an effective, easy, permanent solution.

It usually takes 2-3  treatment sessions plus the initial assessment and is designed specifically to the individual. No two smokers are the same. Each smoker has their own habits, desires and associations therefore if these are not addressed then it is unlikely that the results will be effective or permanent. I have an adaptable programme that is proving to be very successful so why not give it a try!

Comprehensive Approach
Through a combination of Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and EFT(Emotional Freedom technique) , I will help you to become a non-smoker who’s happy, healthy, confident and relaxed. I help you break the connections with smoking, whether they are emotional (such as stress or boredom) or physical (such as after a meal or with a drink) and help you feel great about saying “no” to cigarettes and tobacco.

The reason why this is such a successful method is that I retrain both the conscious and unconscious parts of your mind at the same time.

The conscious part of your mind helps you to rationalise your old unwanted smoking habit, whereas the unconscious part of your mind holds all your current self-limiting and false beliefs about smoking; like how addicted you are to nicotine; how smoking helps you to relax; and, how hard it’s going to be quit.

I will help you to consciously rethink your habits and how you justify them. Through Hypnosis and NLP I help retrain your unconscious mind to exchange your old unwanted beliefs about smoking for your new set of beliefs and behaviours that are more in keeping with your new smoke-free life. EFT will help release any resistance to giving up, release negative emotions and help control any cravings, you can use this on your own and you will be taught self hypnosis

As part of the process, the main reasons why people fail to permanently quit smoking like withdrawal mood swings, irritability and cravings are instead replaced with feelings of calmness, relaxation, improved self-confidence, increased energy, vitality and overall happiness.