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Public Speaking, Stage Fright and Interviews

Are you being presented an award, or have you been asked to be a guest speaker at an event? Maybe you’ve been asked to play a part in a local theatre production, or to honour the life of a loved one departed. No matter what the reason, standing in front of a group of people is not easy. When the event requires that you be on stage, feeling calm can seem like an impossible task, especially if you suffer from stage fright.

Many of us experience tremendous fear and anxiety at the thought of being the focus of so much attention. Even though we may view the opportunity to be on stage as a rare and special occasion, it doesn’t mean we aren’t afraid. Not everyone is given the chance to stand up in such a way, but this knowledge sometimes makes things worse.

Even though you want to overcome your stage fright, do you find yourself unable to envision the moment without getting tense? Do you begin to sweat or feel your pulse quicken when you think about it? Maybe you’re convinced you will trip over your words, forget what to say, or make an embarrassing mistake.

Whether it’s your first time or tenth, stage fright can affect you just the same. It’s possible to overcome this sense of dread and impending doom, though. You have the ability within you to radiate confidence while maintaining inner calm.

Imagine what it would be like to:

Say goodbye to your fear of being on stage!

Consider yourself a master public speaker!

Feel calm and confident during every performance!

Hypnotherapy is not an instant fix and results will vary depending upon the depth of your stage fright. But hypnosis allows you to access the power of your creative unconscious (subconscious) and develop new ways of handling stressful situations like stage fright.

Hypnotherapy can help to guide you on a visualization of the big event, free of fear. You can then learn to regard speaking or performing on stage as enjoyable by linking it to positive experiences in your past. A calm and confident air can replace your anxiety and stage fright enabling you to sail through the experience.


Many of the same techniques can be used for interviews where the client is guided through the upcoming event and encouraged to see it as an enjoyable chat rather than a fearful interrogation. Please see ‘Confidence and self-esteem’ as many techniques to build confidence will be employed for all the issues on this page as well as NLP techniques to reframe the situation and reduce anxiety.