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This is a question that many new clients who are curious about hypnotherapy will ask me in my Sheffield Hypnotherapy Practice in S8. The truth is that we are all unique and so every person will experience hypnosis in their own way.

Hypnosis is simply a natural, pleasant, relaxed state in which you are more aware of your internal experience than the world around you.

For some it’s a pleasant ‘day-dreaming’ feeling, such as being absorbed in a book or a hobby, except what you are becoming really absorbed in is you! Others can feel more relaxed or sleepy than they expected, sometimes dramatically so although you are always in control and for others, it’s a more alert, switched on feeling. You can often find you move between lighter and deeper states throughout the hypnosis experience.

What’s important to know is that how you feel isn’t an indicator of how effective hypnosis is. Regardless of what it feels like for you – its working!

Contrary to popular belief results using hypnosis do not depend at all on ‘going deep’ and are not reserved only for those who can be deeply hypnotised. In clincial work, only a very light level of hypnosis (also called trance) is required for phenomenal results.

How hypnosis feels can change as sessions progress. If you like hypnosis is an ‘inner skill’ that you develop the more you use it, so whether you practice self-hypnosis at home or notice a change over several sessions with me, you are likely to find you become more deeply absorded in the inner wonder and wisdom of you each time you experience it.

Hypnosis is one of those experiences that is hard to explain until you experience it! So if you are curious, I would highly recommend you allow yourself the opportunity to enjoy it and discover for yourself its power and potential in your life. Hypnotherapy can truly be a life transforming experience.

Its really important of course that you seek who you choose to work with in hypnoisis wisely – Not all hypnotherapy is the same at all and WHO you choose to work with is a huge factor in your experience and your success.

If you are curious about how hypnotherapy can help you achieve your best health and wellbeing please contact me using the form on my site, my facebook page or call Beki on 07528637825

As a clinical Hypnotherapist in Sheffield, near Chesterfield , , with many years of experience, I am often asked whether hypnotherapy is better than counselling and it’s a difficult one to answer. Partly because I feel that I do incorporate counselling into my sessions anyway, particularly during the initial assessment, and partly because it depends on the person and what it is they require.

Some people who are going through a challenging time in their lives just want a listening ear whilst they vent and seek guidance, others have deeper, more persistent problems and accept that they need specialist help to get to the root of it and want a reassuring hand.  Someone who believes in you and offers you a space of empathy, growth, empowerment and possibilities. Hypnotherapy can be used for all kinds of problems, not just weight loss, smoking and phobias but anxiety, confidence issues, bereavement and depression, amongst several others. Counselling can change the way you feel and help your understand your situation better. Hypnotherapy can also do that and bring about powerful changes in your life at the same time. With hypnosis you become a force which can overcome challenges.

If trying to decide which road to travel down, this may make it clearer for you:

Counselling gives you a safe space in which to talk and reflect whilst being given support, guidance and understanding. It is cheaper per session than hypnotherapy untitledbut you may require years of therapy in order to feel better. The other limitation to counselling is that you are not necessarily given the tools and support to make the necessary changes in your life.

Hypnotherapy is a process which is much more proactive and dynamic than counselling as hypnosis goes straight to the unconscious and subconscious part of the mind much more effectively than talking therapies and therefore produces faster results. Change can and does happen very quickly and successfully.  While some people do experience profound change within one or two sessions, usually it tends to take around four to six sessions – depending on what they wish to achieve.


The length of the sessions for each are about the same, both are confidential and safe, both are usually done face to face but can be done over skype. At present, counselling is available on the NHS whereas Hypnotherapy currently isn’t but attitudes are changing and many doctors now recommend Hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy usually focuses on changing behaviours, while counselling and psychotherapy more often help with self-understanding and acceptance. Using both together, side by side is probably the best combination, breaking old habits through self awareness and developing the skills and confidence to create new, more adaptive behaviours.

I try to combine both within my sessions so give me a call on 07528637825 or go to my contacts page on my website and leave a request:


Many thanks for reading,

Becky at Abbey hypnotherapy


I am a hypnotherapist in Sheffield, (abbeyhypnotherapy) and I regularly deal with depression both with my clients and also some of the acquaintances I know. Recently myself and my partner lost a friend whom we’d known for quite some time. He was consistently an upbeat , happy-go-lucky type of guy, put himself out for others, always the joker, daft as a brush, would do anything to get a smile but was equally laid back, genuine, easy going and seemingly relaxed.

This friend of ours also had an outwardly, enviable life! He was happily married to a devoted wife, who supported him in everything. In fact they were inseparable. He had 3 loving kids whom he adored and was proud of and who felt the same about him. He had a steady job and enjoyed playing in two ,both of which were successful. That would be living the dream for most of us.

However, this friend wasn’t living the dream internally and much to the shock of ourselves and all the music/friendship community he operated within, took his own life! No-one knew there had ever been a problem with depression, even his wife knew nothing until the night before. It has devastated his family of course but has also sent shock waves around the circle of people who knew him. No-one could believe it. He had kept it all to himself. His funeral was attended by hundreds, he was loved by so many.

I firmly believe that if this friend had opened up to others, sought counselling or hypnotherapy, talked about how he was feeling, he would still be here with us and would be starting his journey back to feeling whole again.

I will never know why my friend chose to end his life but there is a way out of the black hole and I urge anyone else feeling depressed in this same way to get in touch and receive help as soon as possible on 07528637825.

A Complete Solution
– The hypnotherapy treatment for depression classically combines addressing the sources of the depression, breaking negative thought cycles, regaining a sense of control and rebuilding self-worth and self-belief.

– Hypnotherapy can also be very useful for inducing relaxation, reducing distraction, maximising concentration, encouraging new thinking, amplifying experiences, and providing access to subconscious thought processes.

Symbolic Imagery in trance
These techniques are generally excellent for handling past emotional experiences, and reducing feelings of guilt, anger, blame, loss, fears, anxieties, etc.

Hypnotic regression
This is usually an excellent and very relaxed way to safely revisit traumatic or disturbing events that may lie at the heart of your troubles. With relaxed, closer attention (in trance), new insights and better perspectives may reveal themselves, that allow you to deal more thoroughly with what has happened and enable you to move on positively.

Call 07528637825 if you would like a chat or would like to make an appointment to help with any depression you may be currently dealing with .

Stress is my friend!

Often, when the pressures of life are building up and we are rushing around trying to keep on top of it all we can become exhausted and our bodies start to release stress hormones which keep our bodies on high alert. Sometimes this creates sensations in our bodies which can feel uncomfortable and frightening, for example, our hearts begin to pound and we can find ourselves short of breath! Although this feels alarming it is actually a clever function in our bodies designed to help us meet a challenge! Instead of interpreting these sensations within as our body preparing to ‘freak out!’ and cause us damage we should be viewing them as our body becoming more energised!

These stress hormones are helpful to you,  your pounding heart is preparing you for action, as you breathe faster, more oxygen gets to your brain. Another  hormone which is released when stressed is Oxytocin, often known as the cuddle hormone, as it is released when you hug! It invests your brain with social instincts and makes you reach out more to others, crave physical contact and strengthens relationships by giving you more empathy and compassion. Therefore, in a way, it is urging you to seek support by telling someone when life is hard. Your body wants you to be surrounded by those that care! It also protects your cardiovascular system from the effects of stress, helping heart cells to regenerate and heal quickly from stress damage.

So the message here is: don’t fear stress, see it as your friend! Respond to your instincts by reaching out for help or even connect to others through helping them. There is evidence a plenty to demonstrate that the bodies of those people who spent large portions of their time helping others showed no harmful effects of stress compared to those who didn’t. When you see your stress responses as helpful, it transforms fear into courage!

Stay happy and healthy!