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I am a hypnotherapist in Sheffield, (abbeyhypnotherapy) and I regularly deal with depression both with my clients and also some of the acquaintances I know. Recently myself and my partner lost a friend whom we’d known for quite some time. He was consistently an upbeat , happy-go-lucky type of guy, put himself out for others, always the joker, daft as a brush, would do anything to get a smile but was equally laid back, genuine, easy going and seemingly relaxed.

This friend of ours also had an outwardly, enviable life! He was happily married to a devoted wife, who supported him in everything. In fact they were inseparable. He had 3 loving kids whom he adored and was proud of and who felt the same about him. He had a steady job and enjoyed playing in two ,both of which were successful. That would be living the dream for most of us.

However, this friend wasn’t living the dream internally and much to the shock of ourselves and all the music/friendship community he operated within, took his own life! No-one knew there had ever been a problem with depression, even his wife knew nothing until the night before. It has devastated his family of course but has also sent shock waves around the circle of people who knew him. No-one could believe it. He had kept it all to himself. His funeral was attended by hundreds, he was loved by so many.

I firmly believe that if this friend had opened up to others, sought counselling or hypnotherapy, talked about how he was feeling, he would still be here with us and would be starting his journey back to feeling whole again.

I will never know why my friend chose to end his life but there is a way out of the black hole and I urge anyone else feeling depressed in this same way to get in touch and receive help as soon as possible on 07528637825.

A Complete Solution
– The hypnotherapy treatment for depression classically combines addressing the sources of the depression, breaking negative thought cycles, regaining a sense of control and rebuilding self-worth and self-belief.

– Hypnotherapy can also be very useful for inducing relaxation, reducing distraction, maximising concentration, encouraging new thinking, amplifying experiences, and providing access to subconscious thought processes.

Symbolic Imagery in trance
These techniques are generally excellent for handling past emotional experiences, and reducing feelings of guilt, anger, blame, loss, fears, anxieties, etc.

Hypnotic regression
This is usually an excellent and very relaxed way to safely revisit traumatic or disturbing events that may lie at the heart of your troubles. With relaxed, closer attention (in trance), new insights and better perspectives may reveal themselves, that allow you to deal more thoroughly with what has happened and enable you to move on positively.

Call 07528637825 if you would like a chat or would like to make an appointment to help with any depression you may be currently dealing with .